What to expect

At Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic, your time is just as valuable as ours so we schedule patients by appointment only and we do not double book. Every new patient receives a thorough examination where appropriate orthopedic, neurological and musculoskeletal tests will be performed. If necessary, you may be referred for additional imaging or Dr. Miller can review any testing that you may have already had performed. Dr. Miller will then review any findings and thoroughly explain your condition. If he feels that another health care provider can help you, Dr. Miller will gladly make a referral to ensure the best possible care. If chiropractic care can help, you will be treated the same day as your appointment using the most advanced treatments available. Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue techniques and home exercises.

Common Conditions Treated 

·          Headaches

·          TMJ Disorders

·          Sinus Pressure

·          Whiplash

·          Neck Pain

·          Degeneration of Cervical Spine

·          Cervical Disc Disorders

·          Adhesive Capsulitis

·          Impingement Syndrome

·          Sternoclavicular Pain

·          Rotator Cuff Strain

·          Tennis Elbow

·          Golfers Elbow

·          Carpal Tunnel

·          Wrist Sprain

·          Trigger Finger

·          Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

·          Rib Subluxation

·          Lumbar Disc Herniation

·          Sciatic

·          Facet Syndrome

·          Sacroiliac Pain

·          Tailbone Pain

·          Bursitis

·          Iliotibial Pain

·          Patellar Tracking

·          Meniscal Injury

·          Ligament Pain

·          Achilles Strain

·          Ankle Sprains

·          Plantar Fasciitis

·          Flat Feet

·          Muscle Spasm

·          Fibromyalgia

·          Many More