I have bad hips. I have visited a number of doctors and have been told that my hips look good and there is no explanation for my pain. Dr. Miller does not dismiss my pain. He has been the only one to provide relief. His adjustments leave me pain free. I feel very fortunate that he has moved to Chicora, bringing his talents even closer for me. - SAS

I totally recommend Dr. Miller and chiropractic care. Not having to take a pill for pain is a welcome alternative for me, as I'm not a pill taker. Dr. Miller is the only person who showed me what my problems were. He fixes you up for the long haul, without having to have multiple visits. - KY

I have been going to various chiropractors for 30 years to "fix" my hip that caused multiple sleepless nights for years. Ten visits to Miller Sports & Family Chiropractic and my hip has had NO pain and WOW do I sleep well! - AP

I've been to a lot of Chiropractors and by far, Miller's Sports is the best I have found BAR NONE! The staff is also 2nd to none. Can't get better service any where in the area. You owe it to yourself to find out! It's only going to make you feel better!  - JM

I came to Dr. Miller after a low back injury. I had injections for pain but still was not able to move without pain. It was affecting my life! After treatment and counseling on how to best manage my low back, I today am doing things that I thought were gone forever. I have minimal pain and look forward to a full and hopeful future. - MM

Got treated here for my back and leg, guy's a pro! I highly recommend Dr. Miller! - AMC

The best I have been to.  I am doing things now that I could not do before seeing Dr. Miller.  I have told everyone I know about him.  I even got my wife to see him and she would never go to a chiropractor before, now she sees him often.  - AH

After a few major surgeries, I was in a lot of pain and had not had a full nights sleep in over a year. I had seen Dr. Miller some time ago and he helped me, but my doctor's kept me going for shots in my back with no results. I then made a decision after not being able to do the things I had been able to do to call Dr. Miller. If he couldn't help me, it's back to square one. After my first visit, I was amazed! I slept the whole night through and have had 6-8 hours of sleep every night since. I'm even able to walk without my cane. Thank God for Dr. Miller! - PS